Geographical presence


Ieper and Herstal, Production facilities


Berlin, Group Headquarters
Weira, Production & recycling facility
Schmiedefeld, Contract manufacturer


Valencia, Innovation center
Castalla, Contract manufacturer

The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Holding company


St. Louis (MO), Production facilities

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Products & Services

Cabka produces a diverse spectrum of products for approximately 90% made out of recycled plastics of which 70% is recycled in-house and designed for increased reusability. Hence enabling customers to reduce both costs and carbon footprint.

Cabka offers a full scale of pallets and large containers. Enhanced by the extended knowledge of its own innovation center in Valencia the focus of Cabka in the recent period is shifting to more added value custom products made in cooperation with clients in a joint development process. The different main categories as well as the sales per Half Year 2022 are visualized in the picture below.


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