From day one, Cabka has been reusing and recycling our products and the plastics that make them. Even as we’ve grown, our priority remains the same: sustainability for all. Cabka’s roots lie in recycling, so we never believed that sustainability and prosperity must be mutually exclusive. Long before sustainability became a buzzword, it was central to how we operated. More than two decades later, that remains the case, even as Cabka has grown into the premier manufacturer of plastic pallets and large containers, and an expert in logistics efficiency.

The large majority of our products are made from reused and recycled materials. They are also 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan. We process 70% of our plastic in-house—that’s more than 150 kilotons of recycled material, from different sources, made into a wide range of our products.

Through healthy growth, the group today unites an international workforce. We bring together a diverse, cross-continental team of 700 employees that speak 11 different languages, all united by the purpose of creating a more responsible, more sustainable future for everyone.