Cabka has a set of policies stating its commitments in the area of Environment, Health & Safety, Human Rights, Suppliers, Diversity and Business Ethics. See the Principles & Policies section for all Policies.

As Cabka has grown over the past two decades and the company listed early 2022, Cabka’s Management Team has initiated the development of an ESG framework which is to comprise a comprehensive set of key commitments across all the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) dimensions.


Materiality Assessment

The basis of Cabka’s ESG-strategy is a materiality assessment conducted in early 2022 to determine which sustainability issues are most relevant to Cabka’s business operations and stakeholders. In this process, three perspectives were analyzed to ensure that focus remains on those areas that have the greatest impact:

  • significance of ESG topics on the enterprise value of Cabka;
  • significance of impacts Cabka has on people and the environment; and
  • importance of different ESG topics to our stakeholders.

This double materiality assessment was supported by PwC Netherlands and involved the main stakeholder groups and lead to the definition of eight material topics:

  • Three Strategic topics: Circular Economy, Occupational Health & Safety, Product Quality & Innovation
  • Five Foundational topics: Climate Change & Energy, Supplier Environmental Assessment, Business Ethics, ESG Management and Diversity & Inclusion.


Ambition Levels

As part of the ESG Framework project, base ambition levels were agreed upon with the full management team in June 2022. Cabka aims to enable breakthrough all over the supply chain, with continuous innovation of smart reusable solutions for transport packaging with a focus on quality in the product process and circularity as the core element.

Cabka’s Ambitions on core environmental topics:

  • Lead the circular economy transition by continuously raising the bar around material use, manufacturing and ecosystem relations and move towards 100% recycled product input
  • Support the Paris Agreement by setting a near term Science Based Target and moving towards Net Zero for the entire value chain by 2050
  • Take responsibility for our environmental impacts beyond our direct operations through supplier environmental assessments

Cabka’s Social Ambitions:

  • Ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace to help drive business growth through balanced decision making and ensure equal opportunities within Cabka
  • Working towards Zero Harm and Zero Accidents by fostering a healthy and safe working environment, people engagement and integrating health and safety into our culture, with annual improvements on the related indicators


ESG Management Structure

The management of ESG is implemented in a hybrid (central and decentral) structure in the organization. Senior management in the company is directly involved in the aspects identified as material by the Group as a result of the materiality analysis. This is to ensure that ESG management fits our organization and delivers on our priorities.