Cabka’s power is transformation because we know that while resources are limited, possibilities are endless. Innovation in transforming used plastics into new products is at the heart of our business. Everything we do is with the environment in mind. Balancing circularity, Greenhouse Gases (GHG) impact, use of and impact on the worlds’ resources through our business model is a challenge we are ready to accept and which we want to measure our performance against.

Cabka wants to change established processes and systems to make them more efficient and sustainable for ourselves and future generations.

The people we collaborate with to accomplish this mission rely on a loyal team environment treating everyone with respect and openness and striving for continuous improvement in health & safety. We understand diversity as an accelerator for growth and driver of innovation.

Just as we regularly engage with our customers and suppliers to identify new opportunities for plastic waste transformation and their best utilization in sustainable supply chains, we continuously exchange with all our stakeholders who help us to prioritize and advance on material ESG topics.